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This section is responsible for purchasing books from writers, preparing purchase orders to submit them to the specialized committees in the Department. The Section follows up the receipt, processing and supply the Department with the necessary books and works as requested and when necessary. The tasks of the section are not only supply by way of purchase from authors, but also addressing requests from staff regarding the purchase of significant books that may enrich the Directorate of library services or other directorates in the Department. The main tasks of this division can be summarized as follows:

1. The Section prepares all the books that are purchased or deposited or donated by other parties and sending them to the indexing and classification section/ Deposit center if they need technical treatment. The section then recorded them in the system, sealed them and prepares the lists of books that need binding. Then classification number is fixed on the books that do not need binding and send them to the library and put them on the shelves.
2. Promoting the Jordanian Authors through purchasing their books under specific conditions and controls.
3. Enriching gift and exchange Section through the purchase of books from authors.
4. Coordination with other sections in the National Library to identify the necessary and important cultural resources that its purchase can benefit in enriching the public library.
5. Select books that need technical treatment and sending them to Indexing and Classification Section.
6. Registering books received by the National Library, regardless of their origin and their data entry to the existing systems..