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The Directorate is responsible for collecting, cataloging, classifying, maintaining and organizing photos and documents that having historical, national and cultural dimension for Jordan. The Directorate is also responsible for addressing local and foreign entities asking them to provide the National Library with any documents, manuscripts, photographs and papers having historical, political, economic and cultural value to enrich its documentary acquisition, as well as its responsibility for keeping all the Royal Speeches, local conferences, seminars, reportages, bulletins issued by governmental institutions, organizing document exhibitions and serving researchers.

The Directorate Sections are:
1.‌ Personal documents Section
2. Government documents Section
3. Documentation Section

Some of the most prominent documentary photographs collections:
1. A collection of documentary photographs belong to Mr. Hekmat Mehyar.
2. A collection of photographs belong to Dr. Ghaith Shbeilat relating to his late father Farhan Shbeilat.
3. A collection of photographs obtained from Harvard University, relating to places in Jordan and Palestine.
4. A collection of photographs belong to late Tharwat Talhouni
5. A collection of photographs belong to Dr. Umayya Toukan

Some of the most prominent collections of documents:
1. Original documents belong to late Wasfi Mirza, which represent a historical era from the Ottoman period through the period of the emirate into independence in 1946 until the seventies
2. Private documents collection: obtained from several people, including:
- Collection of His Excellency late Ibrahim Pasha
- Collection of Mr. Fawzi Zeyadin
- Collection of Mr. Saleh Keekh
- Collection of Hussein Pasha Tarawneh

Following are some picture that show:
1. Some historical documents that were documented in Department of the National Library
2. A collection of old pictures for some cities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan