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The Section contains all the books that have been deposited or obtained by purchase, gift or exchange with the foreign, local and international libraries. After receipt from registration section, these books are distributed according to topics to the following divisions:

    1. Children's Library :
    The purpose of this Division is collecting the intellectual product of children's literature including stories and teaching aids in both Arabic and English to promote the     culture and education of children.
    2. The National Books Section :
    It contains all the books published, printed, or issued in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and written by Jordanian authors
    and are in both Arabic and English.
    3. References Division :
    contains references and significant sources including encyclopedias, dictionaries and Thesauruses.
    4. Arabic Language Books :
    collecting books in Arabic language, and divided into two divisions:
    - public books that come through gifting
    - the National books.
    5. Foreign Languages Books :
    collecting books that are in foreign languages and divided into two divisions: public books and the National books.

These divisions contain all the books about Jordan, that were printed in Jordan or by Jordanian authors in various areas of science. They also contain general references such as dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Out of raising a conscious next generation and catering for children and their minds' development, being the builders of the future, a children's library was provisioned. The library is supplied with children's books and the needed equipment and settings, taking into account their different age levels.

The directorate consignments include supervising the inquiry monitors. The inquiry monitors allow the patrons to inquire about publications and viewing some of the electronically archived documents. The directorate also organizes permanent exhibitions that demonstrate evolution and highlight national literature which allow individuals to visit them and be familiar with the publications and manuscripts of renowned authors and researchers.