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This section is considered the starting point for the preparation of detailed data about books, where it performs the tasks of indexing during publication for publications deposited in the Department regardless of their language using Dewey Decimal Classification Plan and the Anglo-American Rules. In Addition, the section performs the processes of indexing and classification for non-book materials and donated, exchanged or purchased books, as well as re-indexing and classification of books after their deposition. The Section also performs the data entry processes for all the information relating to indexing and classification of all works to the system applied in the National Library Department (Using (marc 21) system) with sufficient accuracy and details, reviewing and correcting errors if found in order to ensure the preparation of bibliographic records of deposited works.

The Section includes the unified index Division :-

Unified index is the key for the collections found in the library and a database contains all the bibliographic information, depending on international specifications and standards. The division is responsible for preparing and keeping a unified national index that unifies the data of all information containers in order to facilitate the exchange of information and records, and its inclusion without changes or additions.