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Administrative and Financial Affairs Directorate :-
This directorate is responsible among other responsibilities for the Clerk Office, which in turn is responsible for the Public Service Division.

Public Service Division :-
The division is responsible for assisting and providing the recipient of the services with the necessary forms and follow-up of the transaction.

In addition to this, the division introduces the legal deposit forms, application form of information request, and the International standard book number application in pursuit of :-

1. Improving performance and services provided to the public as well as promoting transparency.
2. Improving service and re-engineering procedures in order to save time and effort.
3. Proving high level of service and making it available during the official working hours using the best and latest technologies at the global level.
4. Focusing on providing the means and multiple channels to access services, whether in person or via technology (web site of the Department).
5. Superior communication with the customers.
6. Overcoming the obstacles of communication.