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The center assumes the roles and responsibilities of legal depository duties in accordance with Copyright Protection Law No.(22) of 1992 and its amendments, and The Depository Regulation No. 4/1994. It enacts the law articles (38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 45 & 52) listed in the aforementioned law and regulation. The center also performs the librarianship and technical process (indexing during publication) noting that the department's categorization is based on the twentieth edition of the translated and amended Dewey Decimal System. Moreover, the center provides International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN).

The deposit center is the responsible party for depositing works, processing them technically, issuing the national bibliography, in addition to providing the International Standard Book Number and supervising the unified index initiative and following it up.

The deposit center provides a channel for online deposit service.

The center's divisions and sections:
1. Works Deposit Section
2. International Standard Book Number Section
3. National Bibliography Section
4. Indexing & Classification Section
5. Unified Index Section

Deposit center electronic services:

a. Depository number request for: