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Jordanian Family Library – Reading for everyone Festival
Project importance
Jordanian Family Library project represents the foundation and first building block in the cultural plan started by the Ministry of Culture since 2006. It is sponsored by Queen Rania Al Abdullah and targets establishing a "Library at every Jordanian home". This library grows with annual publications that are available for sale for symbolic prices. This project serves the whole Jordanian community to contribute in availing a better chance of knowledge to all citizens. It takes into account the high living expenses and expensive paper prices, which makes buying a printed book a financial burden to the family, in addition to little public library visits especially in the governorates outside Amman. So, the ministry has worked at providing the book in the highest technical standards and at an affordable price (25 piasters for any children book and 35 piasters for any other book).
The project's benefit is incarnated by being the first of its kind in the history of Jordan and only second to Egypt on the Arab level. The first phase started (8-11 November 2007) in the capital Amman and other governorates in the Kingdom in the frame of reading for everyone festival that held the motto "to expand your horizons" based on the fact that reading opens all knowledge horizons and nurtures the skills and the ability to communicate. This phase has accomplished great success as the selling points witnessed crowds of people during the festival days. Moreover, large numbers of titles were sold out.
Project Objectives
Availing books at low costs for the citizen in all the Kingdom's governorates. Delivering the book with no hurdles to the citizens in the diverse regions of the Kingdom through organizing reading for everyone festival. Covering knowledge sector with series of different humanitarian knowledge that serves all family members. Assisting in nurturing the reading skills for all Jordanian community members starting at home. Promoting reading paper-based publications.
First year publications
The first year of the project (2007) categorized the publications into 13 series that represented the core for consequent years' publications. These included 50 subjects. The number of copies printed was 5 thousand copies.
The higher national committee of the project
The higher national committee for the Jordanian family library project was established by a prime ministerial directive at the beginning of 2007 headed by the Minister of Culture then, and the membership of nine members representing cultural sections, universities, intellects, youth and publishers. The committee looked into the Egyptian experience to benefit from the positives and avoid the negatives. Moreover, agreements were signed with the General Authority for Books in Egypt that included gaining reprint rights from publishers and authors. Later on, an executive committee was established by the Minister of Culture directive for logistics follow-up and gaining reprint rights for Jordanian publications, follow-up on auditing and editing, and suggest any modifications to the series titles. The Ministry of Culture assigned an amount of 130 thousand dinars to print the publications, in addition to buying authors and publishers rights. A number of organizations supported the project, these are: Greater Amman Municipality (10 thousand dinars) King Abdullah II Fund for development (10 thousand dinars) Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (7 thousand dinars) Jordan Engineers Association (2 thousand dinars) Jordanian Geologist Association (2 thousand dinars) Middle East Contracting Group (2 thousand dinars) Hikma Pharmaceutical Company (500 dinars) The places that incubated reading for everyone festival The festival was organized in all the kingdom's governorates in the following places: The capital governorate: Royal cultural center, Hussein cultural center, Zaha foundation, Queen Rania Park. Irbid Governorate: The professional association complex, Hashemite Hall – Irbid municipality Jerash Governorate: Jerash Municipality Hall Ajloun Governorate: Princess Aisha School Madaba Governorate: Engineers Association Aqaba Governorate: The Great Arab Revolt Plaza Ma'an Governorate: Princess Rahma bint El Hassan Society for Heritage Revival Hall Zarqa Governorate: Zarqa Municipality Market - Opposite Zarqa Municipality Mafraq Governorate: Mafraq Municipality Hall (Youngster Library) Balqa Governorate: Salt Construction Society – Cultural Center Tafileh Governorate: Salt Construction Institution (Queen Rania Al Abdullah Center) Karak Governorate: Cultural Directorate of Karak
Third year of the project
Fourth year of the project
Fifth year of the project
Sixth year of the project
Seventh year of the project
Eighth year of the project
Nineth year of the project