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Gifting and exchange section contributes to dissemination of the national intellectual heritage on the national, Arab and international levels. The dissemination is through the process of giving purposeful books that are rich in content and have value. These are selected carefully to contribute to building the society on a civilized basis that leverages the intellectual and cultural levels. Additionally, the section supplements educational and cultural institutions along with scientific administrations with educational books that contribute to the development of the educational learning process and scientific research. The section exchanges books and publications with local and international libraries. Moreover, the section organizes cultural events that contribute to dissemination of both culture and social awareness.

The gifting and exchange section works in coordination with supporting parties through providing "Your Friend Campaign" with a diverse collection of purposeful and valuable books that suits all different levels, ages and tastes of event attendees. It aims towards delivering the printed book for a wide segment of the society and motivating them to read and possess books. Since the book is considered to be the most prominent cultural resource and capable of producing a cultured generation that is conscious and armed with science and faith. The remote areas and poor communities receive special attention in organizing cultural events and activities. The school libraries and cultural centers are supported in these local areas. The following is a list of the main section duties:

1. Receiving the books gifted to the Department of the National Library. Duly entering them in official records and documents of the section.
2. Provide cultural, educational and pedagogical institutions' libraries with books available at the gifting section.
3. Preparing and updating the annual exchange list and distribute it to the cultural institutions in and out of the country.
4. Developing the cooperation ties with the libraries on the national and international levels through exchanging books and publications. In order to benefit from information      resources inside and outside the country. It contributes to providing and developing a National Information Network and striving for its success.
5. Receiving and distributing the Jordanian National Bibliography which is published annually by the department to (350) internal and external entities listed in the gifting      lists which are previously prepared.
6. Providing public relations section with the books that are distributed during evening cultural events organized by the department.
7. Participating in "Your Friend Campaign" that is organized in the different governorates of the Kingdom and providing the campaign with diverse sets of books.
8. Participating in the different national cultural events that aims towards dissemination of knowledge and edification of the society.