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Copyright office in Department of the National Library is working according to Art. 36 of Copyright Law No. 22 of the Year 1992 and its amendments. The Law was amended in the following versions :-
        • Amended Law No. 14/ 1998.
        • Amended Law No. 29/ 1999.
        • Amended Law No. 88/ 2003.
        • Amended Law No. 8 / 2005.
        • Amended Law No. 9/ 2005.

These amendments underwent all the constitutional procedures that qualified the Kingdom to join all the International Conventions and Treaties, most important of them was Bern Convention for the Protection of Artistic and Literary Works, which Jordan joined and became a signatory since 27/5/1999.

Copyright Law No. 22 of the year 1992 and its amendments, translated by Nabeel Law Office.

This office enforces copyright law through ex-officio inspection raids in all governorates, seizing pirated materials and doing expertise on these works and referring them to the competent General Prosecutor. The Most confiscated pirated works include :-
        • Cassette tapes, CD's and DVD's.
        • Decoding cards, satellite signals and decoders.
        • Books.
        • Computer software and burners.
        • Empty casings.
        • Copying machines.
        • Computer machines installing unlicensed software.
        • Metal sheets for printing casings.

Copyright Office handles its responsibilities through :-
        • Ex-officio inspection on outlets.
        • Inspection according to complaint.
        • Providing consultations and expertise when needed.
        • Cooperation and coordination with police, and other governmental departments working in the field of copyright protection.

Ways to submit a copyright infringement complaint:
        • An electronic complaint submitted through the website.
        • A written complaint submitted by calling on the department of national library.
        • A complaint submitted at the copyright department in a security center.

The documents required initially to submit a complaint:
        • Proof of Identity.
        • Proof of right (bills of landing, receipt, contract, deposit number, … etc.)
        • Original material.
        • Counterfeited material (if available).
        • Official visit by the complaining person or by an attorney having an official power of attorney.
        • Complaints are treated confidentially.
        Some kind of complaints are delegated to a prosecutor such as the complaints that need raiding a place.
        • Specifying the address of the place and name of the offendant.
        Some complaint reporting might be vexatious. These can be submitted through the web site or by calling on the department of national library and not submitting any documents          just reporting the infringement.

To receive complaints of copyright infringement