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The directorate sections:

Technical Support Section:
The section is responsible for needed service provision and immediate needed technical support for the employees and service requesters. The section performs its tasks through following up on the available computer machines and checking its eligibility, providing systems and needed security, contingency planning to store information and retrieve it and ensuring data backup for business continuity and sustaining accuracy.

Research and Development Section:
The section is responsible for infrastructure and technical follow-up for the department. The section is in charge of participating in studies and committees to set the specific technical requirements for the machines and software related to IT and systems at the department. The section also ensures integrity between used systems in all administrative units in the department and ensures accuracy, resilience and update of data and information of used systems.

e-Government Section:
To go along with the ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the e-Government section, in direct communication with the ministry, proceeds with maintaining and updating the ministry's web site in addition to creating and cancelling the users' accounts and e-mails of the ministry's network. Taking part in National Information System, e-Government program and in committees specialized in information technology sector development.