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The Library Services Directorate is responsible for the diverse types of intellectual production at the Department of the National Library (periodicals, books, audiovisuals, reports and other material). The directorate stores this intellectual production and provides it to the service requesters.

The Library Services Directorate constitutes many divisions according to categories that it contains or services that these divisions provide.

The directorate is responsible for receiving all the books that feeds the library be it by depositing, purchasing or gifting. Then, the directorate registers and binds it before it is placed on the library's shelves so that it is available for researchers under the supervision of the employees after it has passed through all the depositing phases.

The directorate archives works; documents, books and other material. It stores different publications such as books, periodicals, seminar papers and reports. This is to facilitate benefitting from it and availing it for reading. The directorate helps readers and researchers through librarians or search screens that allow them to inquire about publications or view some special documents available at the library and adding the Selective Broadcasting service.

Additionally, the directorate works at binding the books and periodicals for storage. A restoration division was introduced to perform the maintenance and restoration of spoilt and worn publications and documents artistically. For restoration, special equipment and material are used to maintain it for the longest possible duration.

Library Services Directorate divisions and sections :
    1. ‌Acquisition Section.
    2. ‌Periodicals Section.
    3. Books Section.
    4. Audiovisual Works Section.
    5. Documentation Section.
    6. ‌Electronic Archiving Section.
    7.‌ Restoration Division.
    8. Binding Division.