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National Libraries have a significant role in keeping the national cultural product, and introducing it to the public. Many countries have realized the importance of the national library, but some went further, by considering it a national necessity and at the top of cultural priorities, as well as that there is widespread recognition by all countries, including Jordan, that the keeping of information and making them available and protection of copyright and intellectual property is the basis of good management, development and progress of researchers and future generations. The Jordanian government was aware of this issue and has in 1994 established the National Library to take care with the national intellectual product in all its types and forms.

Establishment and development of the Department :-

In 1977 the Directorate of Libraries and national documents was established where the Law explicitly states that one of its tasks is establishing a national library organization and administration of the Ministry of Culture No. 5 of 1990 was issued in 1990 in which the Directorate of Libraries and documents was abolished and Department of the National Library and Documentation Center was established instead

On 16/2/ 1994, Regulation of Department of the National Library No. 5 of 1994, as amended in 1996 was issued in which the National Library and Documentation Center were merged, and Department of the National Library was established instead, to become the legal successor of the Directorate of Libraries, National Archives and has become under this system a separate Department connected to the Minister of Culture and carry out the tasks assigned to it

Main objectives and Tasks of the Department :-

1. Keeping, organizing and introducing to public the national intellectual product issued both inside and outside Jordan.
2. Collecting and keeping books, manuscripts, periodicals, photographs, recordings, videotapes, and other materials relevant to the National Jordanian Heritage in particular, to the Arab world and to the Arabic and Islamic civilization as well as to Human heritage in general.
3. Collecting governmental documents from ministries and public departments and institutions. documents relevant to Jordan as well as private documents, keeping, organizing and publishing them in accordance with the provisions of this regulation.
4. Performing Deposit responsibilities in accordance with Copyright Law and Deposit Regulation.
5. Issuing the National Bibliography and the Unified Index.
6. Publishing specialized and objective indexes and bibliographies, and facilitating their use.
7. Working as a supervisor and coordinator for public libraries, determining the standards of library works to improve libraries and library services, and planning to establish new libraries.
8. Introducing information and library services to researchers and learners who have benefit from the Department's inventory.
9. Introducing photocopying, and mutual lending services on the national level as well as on Arabic and International levels.
10. Organizing conferences, seminars and workshops relevant to libraries and documentation, in addition to conducting and participation in books and documents exhibitions both inside and outside Jordan.
11. Organizing gifts programs, distributing rectifieds inside Jordan, and the ratification and enforcement of gifts and mutual exchange agreements with libraries and other International and Arabic foundations.
12. Cooperation with National Libraries and Archives Centers in Arab, Islamic and foreign Countries, as well as with specialized organizations in the domains of libraries and documentation.

To implement these tasks and achieve the desired goals of the National Library Service is working in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through the law and regulations and instructions are :-
1. Copyright Law No. 22 for the Year 1992 and its amendments
2. Works Deposit in the National Library Regulation No. 5 of the Year 1994 as published in Official Gazette No. 3951 on 16/2/1994
3. Department of the National Library Regulation No. 5 of the Year 1994 as published in the Official Gazette No. 3951 on 16/2/1994