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A poetry morning for Jordanian poets Ali Alfaouri & Ali Abu B...14-07-2020 View
Hosting Writer Ali Abu Baker to talk about his book “Read me before I die”13-07-2020 View
A poetry evening for a group of Jordanian poets in the National Library11-03-2020 View
Department of the National Library organizes a Lecture entitled ...10-03-2020 View
National Library participates with King Hussein Cancer Foundation...04-03-2020 View
An Educational Lecture about Psychological Health and AIDS in th...01-03-2020 View
A visit to department of the National Library by the Internationa...27-02-2020 View
Hosting The Writer Ibrahem Abo Hammad to talk about his book “The...24-02-2020 View
Hosting the Novelist Amer Tahboob to talk about his new novel “...23-02-2020 View
Hosting Trainer Essam Abo-Sneneh to talk about “New Physiognomy ...23-02-2020 View
"Hosting Dr. Khalaf Al-Qaisi to talk about the "Al-Ain Dictionary13-08-2018 View
Hosting Dr. Mahmoud Jabarat to talk about his book "The hist...06-08-2018 View