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Research and Development section Goals:
Overseeing infrastructure, internal networks and servers. Developing based on the Department of the National Library needs.

Main duties and responsibilities :-

Main roles and responsibilities:
1. Setting the policies and procedures for backup, security policy and protection policy for the servers, operating systems, databases and applications.
2. Overseeing, revising and setting technical criteria for the equipment and the machines in the tenders and bids related to the section. Participating in offer evaluation provided by the suppliers.
3. Applying legislations, decisions, initiatives and new work programs in the work environment or job and deal with it positively.
4. Setting the plans and work programs needed to perform the section duties and direct supervision of its execution.
5. Preparing the section annual budget, monitoring the appropriated expenditures and ensuring it is spent as planned.
6. Evaluating the performance and achievements of section employees to enhance performance level, develop work methods and specify their training needs.
7. Preparing monthly and annual reports about the performance level and achievements.
8. Training, supervising, task delegation and coordinating the team.
9. Updating and maintaining the Department of the National Library's website.
10. Supervising the Department of the National Library content at the e-Government site.
11. Supervising the day-to-day server performance in order to investigate user issues, then, determine, test and execute possible solutions.
12. Determine detailed work requirements to develop set networks, develop and design network parts to accommodate any new requirements or growth in work load.
13. Redesigning, developing and monitoring the network performance to enhance performance, efficiency, availability and reducing down time cost effectively
14. Analyzing, evaluating and installing the components, units, modules, programs and communication tools needed for the network to operate and ensuring its compatibility and operability.
15. Managing the running systems and user accounts on the main machines through the main operating system and performance monitoring.
16. Ensuring data integrity and validity of user permission and integrity of used programs.
17. Managing the databases that include building, setting and monitoring database performance, increasing its performance and backup and restore.
18. Managing the Internet services available on the main Internet server.
19. Organizing the records and files related to the work.