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Main roles and responsibilities:

1. Supervising end users technical support and ensuring the issues are resolved according to their priorities.
2. Following up on maintenance agreements for installed systems related to technical support section.
3. Applying new policies, directions, initiatives and work programs to the work environment or jobs while handling it positively.
4. Planning and organizing work programs needed for section operations and direct supervision to its execution.
5. Preparing the section annual budget, monitoring the appropriated expenditures and ensuring it is spent as planned.
6. Assigning a team as per needed roles and responsibilities, setting priorities and ensuring work execution in the allotted timeframe and according to the set procedures.
7. Evaluating the performance and achievements of section employees to enhance performance, develop work methods and specify their training needs.
8. Preparing monthly and annual reports summarizing the performance level and achievements.
9. Training, supervising, task delegation and coordinating the team.
10. Responding to the inquiries or issues related to IT programs, equipment or network operation.
11. Providing maintenance to the users equipment such as desktop computers, laptops and other IT equipment.
12. Installing and updating diverse computer programs to the end users.
13. Preparing and installing required equipment for employees usage and ensuring its proper operation, installing cables and installing the proper operating system and programs.
14. Monitoring and configuring virus prevention programs.
15. Supervising machines and equipment. Preparing criteria sheets for end users and inventorying it periodically.
16. Arranging and organizing all printing, formatting and scanning for service requesters and employees.
17. Organizing records and files related to work.