Conference Themes

Theme 1: Intellectual property in the digital environment
- Security and protection of information and data in the digital environment.
- Protection of cyber security.
- Infiltration and hacking (or any violation of cyberspace).

Theme 2: Legal protection of intellectual property
- Legislations and legal protection (civil and criminal).
- International agreements.
- Registering intellectual property rights (traditional/electronic).

Theme 3: Intellectual property from a religious, social, and economic perspective
- Extent of protection.
- Conditions and effects of protection.

Theme 4: Copyrights and related rights
- Publications (visual/audible) (digital content).

Theme 5 : The entrepreneurial role of libraries and publishing institutions in protecting copyrights
- The role of libraries in national and international protection.
- National and international experiences.
- Rights and obligations.
- Limitations and exceptions.

Theme 6: The role of civil society institutions in protecting and raising awareness of intellectual property
- Academic and educational institutions.
- Media.
- Professional organisations, assemblies, and associations.

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